Episode 21: The Dark Drunk Rises

By @ 08/15/12 in Podcast

In honor of our podcast turning 21, Casey gets drunk and confesses his love for Emma Stone and Whole Milk. We talk about Dane Coke’s Dark Joke that didn’t rise. We also discuss the future Brady Bunch movie and a possible BET version. Could Mitt Romney be the next Batman? We listen to Mitt’s latest campaign commercial. The resemblance is uncanny! We also discuss Zombie Protests, Mitt Romney Facebook Drama, Expendables 2, and a man who tried to sneak into a Nickelback concert that ended horribly wrong but also hysterically. Tyler stops by to give us his Monthly Movie Review and we discuss in detail The Dark Knight Rises. Don’t miss out on Tyler’s review on the latest Summer Blockbusters (no, not the video store) Quintin also finds some internet websites and videos including throwing rocks with left hands and White Power Milk. Want to hear more…download away. Don’t forget to tell a friend about the podcast and help us out by making your Amazon purchases through our website.


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