Episode 15 Part 1: The Fellowship of the Podcast

By @ 05/26/12 in Podcast

In this two part episode our heroes journey to Middle Earth with Gandol the White Men Can’t Podcast. Upon drinking too much at the Shire, our heroes take their “precious” time in discussing everything from the news, celebrity gossip, the best movie of the summer, music, and a whole lot of complaints. Carson Wolfe of Draper Vincent and the Dirty Thirty and Charles Ellsworth from Charles Ellsworth and the Dirty Thirty join the show to play some Bob Dylan cover songs in honor of his birthday. Eric talks about “Almost News” with an interesting music study, local newspaper warnings about drinking, and LEGO thief. Casey keeps us updated on all the latest celebrity gossip with the latest news on LFO and Abortions, Baby Tattoos,Ryan Reynolds, GLEE, Colin Powell, Famous Barack Obama Supporters, Rihanna, Cory Feldman and the best movie of the summer. To end the show Carson and Charles play some tunes, but that’s not it folks. There’s so much more! Check out Episode 15 part 2 and see if our heroes leave the Shire and start battling Sauron through an expensive Lasik Eye Surgery.


Carson and Charles Perform Some Bob Dylan Covers On This Week's Epsiode!



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