Episode 11: I Can Coachsmellya From Here

By @ 04/28/12 in Podcast

In Episode 11 of White Men Cant Podcast, Michael Brown joins the show to tell us about his Coachella experience and brings his exclusive Skullcandy Headphones. Here’s a picture:

A Skull Picture Held By Gum(Candy)…Get It? Skullcandy

We also talk about Almost News and the new Peanut Butter and Jelly Vodka Commercials. Casey keeps us up to date with the latest Celebrity Gossip. We play a round of Bustin Chops and we find out what it would be like if Justin Bieber was on a dating game show. Quintin complains about his neighbors and HOA fees. Also, Virtual Brian makes a special appearance. Tell us what you think of the show on twitter @whitemencantpod, on Facebook, or email us under our Contact Us link.

Special Guest Michael Brown Joins The Show To Share His Coachella Experience


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