Episode 10: The Real Ghost Hunters of New Jersey

By @ 04/20/12 in Podcast


This week on White Men Can’t Podcast, Eric complains about not being able to buy Claritin without a Pharmacist and Casey shares an embarrassing story. The gang discusses “Almost News” stories that include a story of The Real Ghost Hunters of New Jersey. Casey gives us some very useful dating tips. Whitney stops by and gives us her health expertise on current Health News Articles including the Hangover Bus, Miley Cyrus’ new diet, and the feeding tube diet. Eric discusses the current Movie Buzz and talks about Titanic in 3-D, Hunger Games and a possible TV show, Mel Gibson, and a runaway cow movie in the works. Quintin complains about things that bug him in Quintin’s Complaint Corner and valley girl Chelsea joins the show. All in this week’s episode of White Men Can’t Podcast.

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