About Us

Welcome to White Men Can’t Podcast, a comedy podcast for the people. Sorry people. Join Brian, Casey, Eric, and Quintin as they discuss music, movies, pop culture, things that shouldn’t be considered news, the best online websites and videos, and the dangers of growing up in White Suburbia Utah. If there is one thing that is certain it is White Men Can’t Podcast. Listen as these four make fools of themselves as they make comical commentary…comicaltary… on daily observation. We can almost guarantee that you will almost laugh.

Meet the team!

Conceived at a Fog Hat concert, Quintin has always loved music, so much in fact that he decided to devote his life to his favorite instrument, the violin. After being nominated for 3 Grammy’s, he gained the attention of the public. Like most musicians, he started getting heavy into drugs and his life quickly took a turn for the best. He now spends his days at Pioneer Park  entertaining the kids after their Twilight concerts and asking for spare change.

Raised by wolves, Brian has had a beard since he was in the 5th grade. He met his wife, an animal lover, at a free screening of Teen Wolf at Brewvies. It was love at first howl. They have been inseparable ever since. He likes to drink Boone’s Farm and gamble in his spare time.

Permanently indented into his face are thick black rim glasses. These are to cover up his lazy eye he got during his stint in Iraq. He was shot in the face with sand. Ouch. Eric now likes to bedazzle eye patches and talk about his time in the war. He is also the loving mother of three young cats.

When Casey was born, the doctor knew something was wrong when he came out white. Everyone looked around the room, mostly starring at his black mother and father. From then on Casey embraced his white heritage and became a famous, successful philosopher of alien technology. He built an underground bomb shelter in case they show up. It’s mostly full of Twinkies and Sour Patch Watermelons.