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By @ 06/26/12 in Podcast

This week on White Men Can’t Podcast, local artist Casey Kawaguchi stops by the show to draw something with White Men Can’t Podcast. He discusses how he got into art and his future upcoming projects. Eric talks about how much Jennifer Love Hewitt loves ghosts and Neutrogena. He also discusses sleepwalkers, Cleaning up syrup on Buttermilk Pike, the KKK adopting a highway, fining for cursing, and Twisted Metal. Casey Shaw updates us with news featuring a Transformers Wine Rack, Lil Darth Vader, Gay Emoticons, and Christian Groups Clamming Skrillex Used Homosexual Influence To Win Grammy’s. Casey also gives us the latest Celebrity Gossip with Crime Investigators Metallica, Michelle Obama, Justin Bieber,Lebron James, George Bush, and Rhianna singing about Drake beating up Chris Brown. Quintin tells us about his favorite things and then goes elbow deep into the internet. You won’t want to miss out on what he finds.


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By @ 06/12/12 in Podcast

In the episode of White Men Can’t Podcast, Whitney joins the podcast for insightful yet intriguing tales from the Pharmacy. The gang discusses the news and the bath salt zombies. We talk about Darth Vader and if he ever paid his Child Support to Luke and Leia. We also prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse by giving out tips on how to survive zombie attacks.  We also discuss Reading Rainbow and our love of Goosebumps books. Its all apart of this haunting podcast that if you shoot will just come back from the dead to devour your brain.