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By @ 05/04/12 in Podcast

This week on White Men Can’t Podcast, Matt Schultz joins the show to share his Life Lessons about working at a gas station. He shares his interesting work experiences and talks about the typical gas station patrons who frequent the store. As Matt gets ready to graduate, we share some job resumes from Craigslist with him so he know what not to put on his resume. We also talk about our love for Thundercats and talk about the new Thundercats remake. Our love for the show runs deep, since we were young thunderkittens ourselves. Here are some pictures:


Eric dressed up like Lion-O.


Eric meeting Lion-O


We also talk about the news and upcoming Movie Sequels & Remakes. We ask the question if there is anything that Hollywood won’t remake or do a sequel of. Sure enough we find a couple of rejected movie sequels and remakes. Remember tell us what you think about the show on our Facebook, Twitter @whitemencantpod, or Go To The Contact Us Link and leave us a little message!