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This week on White Men Cant Podcast, Tyler fills in for Casey and Brian to discuss his Netflix picks of the month. The gang discusses having Lord Voldemort as a loan officer.

Your Trusted Loan Officer…Lord Voldemort










Eric discusses the news and brings you the Mormon pick of the week.

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We also discuss horrible drinking games that made the headlines. Tyler gives us some good Netflix movies to stream and we listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger commentary on his movie Total Recall. We also listen to the Filthy Shades of Grey audiobook read by Gilbert Gottfried. Eric talks about the movie The Innkeepers in this edition of Don’t Go In There. He also discusses the movie Kill Katie Malone where teenagers by a ghost online.  Eric, Quintin, and Tyler come up with a better movie: Kill Karl Malone. 

Tell us what you think about Eric’s review of the Innkeepers and if you would watch a movie called Kill Karl Malone.













To end the show Quintin complains about white trash and poor people and Eric complains about air fresheners, parking meters/tickets, and animals being treated the same as humans. Let us know if you agree or disagree with some of our complaints. Also let us know what you thought about this week’s show by commenting on it below.

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On this week’s episode of White Men Can’t Podcast, Tyler joins the show to give us his monthly movie review.










Recently seeing the Avengers, the gang talks about their excitement about the movie.

Eric, Casey, and Tyler at the Avengers Opening Night.









In honor of Free Comic Book Day, here is the first episode of the White Men Can’t Podcast Comic Book.

























On this episode, Eric talks about a gym that promises that the Avengers work out at.

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In a special Almost News Edition, Eric talks about the latest Nerds News. Casey gives us his list of unlikely Superheroes. Tyler gives us his monthly movie review and we get caught up in the Avengers.

Iron Man Joins The Podcast

His Superpower is getting his friends to move his furniture with him













Eric challenges Tyler to Avengers trivia and Quintin gives us his list of funny websites and videos. Check out the episode and let us know what you think. Send us an email through our contact us link, on twitter @whitemencantpod, or on Facebook.