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James drops by the show to promote his new T-shirt line

On Episode 8 of White Men Can’t Podcast, Whitney (Quintin’s wife) joins the show to discuss  her and Quintin’s recent trip to San Jose. Eric reads the headlines of “Almost News” stories and Casey keeps us up on all the lastest Celebrity Gossip. James joins the show to talk about his new T-Shirt line which can be found here:

I Ride SLC

We get our first email comment and read it over the air and Quintin does an internet round-up of funny things he found online. Just in time for Tax Day, Eric quizes everyone on odd tax deductions and everyone guesses which ones have been approved and which one have been denied.  To end the show, everyone talks about horrible call center experiences in a new segment called Tales From The Call Center. It’s all in this week’s episode of White Men Can’t Podcast.


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Movie Critic Tyler Joins The Show To Talk About Movies


On this episode, Tyler joins the show and everyone discuss their take on the Hunger Games. Tyler also gives a review of current movies and a good Netflix movie to stream. The gang also plays a round of Battle of the Lambwits as they try on stump Tyler on his Harry Potter and Hunger Games knowledge. They also discuss possible story lines to Dr. Dre’s new scary movie “Thaw.” Casey talks about adopting cats and Quintin finds funny things online.